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At Don Johnson Design & Signs, we combine the skills of our artisans, with the technology of the computer and design software, to give you the best possible results for your signage needs.

The most popular form of advertising to hit the road since the automobile. Let the artists at Don Johnson Design & Signs use our full color digital graphics to turn your vehicle into a rolling billboard, building awareness for your company with every trip and in every parking lot.

Although early years of art and graphics design were limited to the artisans hand work, computer have increased this range dramatically, and software has emerged to assist the artisan in their work. Image creations and manipulation using a computer gives new possibilities that had previously been unachievable. Another enormous development that computers provided to designers was the ability for them to set their own type, instantly seeing how it affected their design or layout, which allowed for new and more radical use of typography. Computers have quickly grown to become an essential tool used in the graphic design industry.