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In 1978, Don Johnson Signs was established. Since that time, this graphic arts and sign company continues to stand out as a signage leader along the entire east coast.
Specializing in custom redwood sandblasted interior and exterior signs, computer graphics, and corporate signage are only a few examples of the top quality work we offer.

In 1992, Steve Skinner, an original employee and graphic artist, purchased the entire business, now known as SCS Graphics Inc d/b/a Don Johnson Signs (noted hereafter as SCS Graphics, Inc. d/b/a DJS) and has expanded the company into new realms of graphic arts and computer aided designs.

Steve has members of the original company team on staff, along with several new on-staff artists and contract artists who have come on board in more recent years.
SCS Graphics, Inc. d/b/a DJS has a total of 90 plus years in the sign industry, making this company an experienced leader in the sign business.

SCS Graphics, Inc. d/b/a DJS continues to strive daily for the highest level of service and quality, most unique designs, and best prices, that have always been the signature and practice of SCS Graphics Inc. d/b/a DJS in our 28 plus years in the design and sign industry.

Steve and Cynthia Skinner